Case Study

Computer Vision Model Development for a Generative AI Application

Developed highly accurate computer vision models for an image editing app based on Generative AI serving more than 1 million users.

Oct 8, 2023


Client - A generative AI photo editing app for marketers and sellers


Mobile application, photo editing, marketing


State of the art model development


A photo editing app that was used by more than 1 million users, developed a image beautification and generation use case. They had in house expertise and had developed a good model in multiple iterations over the past 2 years.

They reached out to us to improve this model further and be better than their competitors.


  1. We first did a analysis of the state of the art models and architectures

  2. We setup a data enrichment and annotation pipeline - Created a scalable data definition, improved annotation guidelines

  3. We setup a regular cadence to test the best models with updated data pipeline

For this project we heavily relied on frameworks like pytorch, paddle-paddle and pytorch lighnting for multi-gpu training.

For infrastructure we relied on 4xA100s , 4xT4 and 2x3090

In terms of scale of data we were operating at 20-50 thousand finely annotated image samples for each


After a deep dive of model architectures, we were able to develop a custom architecture that was

  1. Better than state of art research publications in 2022-23

  2. Better than 90% of their competitors in majority of use cases

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